Pasha is a multi-instrumentalist living on a narrow boat in the heart of Bristol. 

He writes and performs his own music, a subtle blend of folk-like melody with hauntingly poetic lyrics. 
Deceptively simple, his fragile ballads have a reflective depth and resonance that definitely repays repeated listening. The riches are in the quiet detail you almost missed! 

Over the past few years Pasha has been playing all over the UK. From Country jazz and blues to French infused gypsy dub to folk rock, he’s played with various bands including ‘Alfred’, ‘Alice & the and Wild Tones’ and ‘Calamity Poets’ - currently gigging with ‘Mama Jerk and the Lady Fingers’ and ‘Papa Juju’. 

As well as acoustic and electric guitars, he often plays Trumpet & Mandolin; also keys, glockenspiel, melodica, whistle, harmonica & drums. 

Currently working on his debut album, Pasha is now collaborating with local friends and musicians to create a soulful mix of his own original material together with more traditional folk songs. If you'd like to find out more you can visit his Crowdfunding page Here.

When he's not composing and singing Pasha paints designs on guitars, plays pool, breathes fire, juggles and plays a lot of scrabble!

Photo by Jake Nickless-Mooney

Photo by Jake Nickless-Mooney